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Full-Trowel Filler

Full-Trowel Filler is thinner than Wood Patch, and designed to spread across the surface of the wood floor. Just pour a workable puddle and trowel the floor, going back and forth across the cracks and voids to ensure deep penetration, removing excess filler as you go. 1-gallon bucket fills up to 500 square feet.

Available in several different wood species.



Terry Mop Kit

This complete kit give you everything you need to clean your hardwood floors the right way.  You will love the swivel design and low-profile head for those hard-to-reach areas.  It cleans faster than a sponge or string mop.

Includes; mop head, handle, 2 terry mop covers, 1 quart Spray 

Ready to Use cleaner, 1 quarter Concentrate cleaner.


No Wax Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Nothing cleans floors like our WOODWISE Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Biodegradable and phosphate-free with a fresh scent, our environmentally friendly cleaner works beautifully on all surface-coated floors (except wax-based finishes). Our exclusive cleaner dries fast and contains no oils or waxes that attract and hold soil. And it lifts the dirt without leaving a residue.

EZ Glides floor protectors

EZ GLIDES are designed to protect surfaces.  Applied to the legs of furniture, they protect floor surfaces.  Installed under office equipment they protect desk and counter tops from scratching.   EZ GLIDES have thousands of uses not listed.  They can be cut with scissors to fit any size leg or pedestal.  Heavy duty Olefin Fiber construction makes EZ GLIDES water resistant for extra durability.


Terry Mop Replacement Covers

These 100% cotton, machine-washable Terry Mop
Replacement Covers are available in 2-packs.

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