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         Products and Services


Below are a few of the products that we sell.  We are interested in helping you with your wood flooring needs as well as helping keep your floor looking beautiful and cared for with the proper maintenance schedule and products.

We also handle a complete line of flooring products for "do-It yourselfers" for residential homes and have expanded into rental of sanding equipment, with training.

For more information regarding these products or a quote on your project please call (260) 490-6412 or e-mail  

Wood Flooring
We sell a wide variety of natural woods in varying widths and grades.  We offer Ash, American & Brazilian Walnut as well as American & Brazilian Cherry, Red & White Oak, Hickory and Maple.  Exotic woods are also available.  We can also inlay ceramic tile with wood to create a pleasing and and unique design.

Custom Laser Cut Medallions and Inlays.

Borders add elegance to the finest homes

Ornamental floors, in all their varied forms, have become an increasingly popular choice for many consumers who want to customize their homes.  The description “ornamental floors” covers a wide variety of options, some more difficult to execute than others.  These include feature strips, patterned floors, hand-cut scroll work, laser cut pre-manufactured inlays and borders and mixed-media installations (involving metal, stone or tile with wood).  An ornamental floor may be as simple as a single 3/4” feature strip following the room’s perimeter.  Or it may be ornate and elaborate, involving thousands of pieces that combine for a true work of art.  The techniques used to create these flooring effects are as varied as the contractors who practice them.

Our precision inlaid designs will set your home apart from the he ordinary.  Capture this old-world art and craftsmanship when you chose from  “limitless” patterns or custom borders or your own design.

Many of our borders are custom designs, ranging in complexity from a simple specie or size change, to an original drawing from your designer or ours.  Our design department starts with a customer idea and manages the project to completion.

Our company has developed a reputation for custom installations and craftsman workmanship.  Referrals are the heart of our wood flooring business.

We sell both urethane and water-base floor coatings.  Call for more details and our recommendations regarding your particular job.

Woodwise Floor Cleaner
Use Woodwise Floor Cleaner for plain damp mop wood floor maintenance.

Terry Mop Kit
A Shu-Mop is a specially designed swivel head mop with a terrycloth cover that is washable and reusable.

E-Z Glides
Floor protectors that you put on of your furniture and other movable objects to help protect your beautiful hardwood floors.

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Classic Floors Inc. offers hardwood floor restoration, sanding and finishing, repair of old existing hardwood floors, as well as top coats.  We offer this for residential and light commercial applications.

Classic Floors Inc. has the only exclusive custom hardwood flooring showroom in the Allen County Area.  We handle custom wood flooring, from American woods to exotic woods, custom inlays and borders.   

We also handle a complete line of flooring products for "the do-It yourselfer" including rental of sanding equipment with training, wide variety of wood species, vents and replacement red oak flooring for older homes, coatings, finishes, sealers, applicators, cleaners and maintenance products to keep your floors looking showroom fresh for residential homes owners.

For more information regarding any of these services or for a quote on your project, please call (260) 490-6412 or email: 

We look forward to working with you on your project.

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